CES 2012

Yes that’s right, CES happened! Thousands of new state-of-the-art gadgets, computers, laptops and TV’s were shown to thousands of tech enthusiasts. LG announced their new 60″ OLED TV, Microsoft showed off Windows 8 and announced that Kinect was coming to the Windows OS. Also an unusual type of gadget displayed was a new type of Vibrator. It syncs with your iPhone and it Vibrates to the beat. It’s a bit ridiculous but it was a very popular start-up idea.

If you went, how did it go? Leave a comment!


Charlie Koczalski 

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Goodbye Steve Jobs


Apple CEO, Steve Jobs has died at the age of just 55 following a battle with cancer.

Steve jobs was diagnosed in 2006 with Pancreatic Cancer. However he returned to apple within 1 year. His cancer type was less serious. Though he was recovering Steve felt that it was time to leave and resigned has CEO. 2 months after, his health detrained and he passed way surrounded  by his family. Thousands of  people have paid tribute saying “He was the greatest man to live”

Visit to the USA!

Hey guys, Our my SQL subscription expired and we had a lot of trouble renewing it!


All sorted now though! Posts to come 🙂


Charlie Koczalski

Microsoft Servers Down

Millions of Microsoft users were left unable to access some online services overnight because of a major service failure.

Hotmail, Office 365 and Skydrive were among the services affected.

Microsoft was still analysing the cause of the problem on Friday morning, but said it appeared to be related to the internet’s DNS address system.

Such a major problem is likely to raise questions about the reliability of cloud computing versus local storage.

Especially embarrassing is the temporary loss of Office 365, the company’s alternative to Google’s suite of online apps.

XXX Domain now available for porn websites

Companies and celebrities are being given the chance to protect their names from porn hijacking ahead of the launch of the .xxx web domain.

From today, brands can request to have their name blocked from use with the new suffix, which goes live next year.

Existing adult entertainment sites can also submit their application to reserve a spot on .xxx

The “red light” suffix is intended to make it easier to find or avoid sexually explicit material online.

ICM Registry, which is administering the launch, said it hoped to “promote a responsible approach to adult content”.

Brand and IP holders wanting to register now have 50 days – a so-called “sunrise period” – to submit their application.

Companies and individuals that do not want their name associated with pornography will be able to pay a one-off fee of between $150 and $300 (£100 to £200), depending on which company they register their domain with.

Facebook – Video Calling

When Facebook announced that it was going to buy skype, we didn’t think much of it, Well i mean more people didn’t give a banana about it. Then after that we didn’t hear anymore of it. And some of us forgot. But now Facebook has finally done something useful, They have added Video Calling to the social news site. Yes thats right, Video calling! All you need to do is to chat to someone, and click the video camera icon at the top! Simple, right? Well this being Facebook, you have to install a plug-in and have a supported browser to use it, but the install is quick enough. Check out Facebook’s page about it, http://www.facebook.com/videocalling/

Featured Person – Week 3 – Alex Albrecht

  • Name: Alex Albrecht
  • Age: 35 (Last Sunday)
  • Occupation: Podcast host, Actor, Director, Writer
  • Residence: California, USA

Alex Albrecht started appearing on podcasts such as Diggnation and and the Totally Rad Show (He created it) this is where is fame came from. Alex revealed on Last week’s Diggnation episode that he is starting a new production company.